For flavours and textures that inspire and delight, the most exciting Middle Eastern experience in Melbourne is here at Maha.

Let our innovative and exciting menus take you on a journey through The Middle East without leaving the CBD of Melbourne. With bold flavours and spices, our menu is a fusion of Shane’s Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences.

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We offer an extensive Australian and international wine list, compiled after thorough research (and drinking!) by our sommeliers. From the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon and Galilee in Israel to the old world wines of France and Italy; our wine list is ever-evolving. Ask our sommeliers to recommend their latest discovery.

Traditionally, arak or raki is served with mezze, so we offer a broad range of the anise-flavoured Middle Eastern spirits for you to discover. Often called ‘lion’s milk’, the spirit turns cloudy when water is added – and it takes the heart of a lion to drink it.

We also have an inspired and unique cocktail list showcasing the most exotic flavours from the Middle East Melbourne has ever seen.

What better way to finish your Maha experience than with a dark sweet Turkish coffee or our house blend of Moroccan mint tea whilst smoking a shi sha in our relaxing courtyard – you’ll forget you’re still in Melbourne.

Spoilt for choice? Challenge our beverage team to come up with the right drink for the right occasion. Saha!

Arak & Raki